What CensusThing.com Can Do For You

The uniqueness of the 2010 Census is that it is being released at a time when online tools are reaching a point where anyone can easily visualize Census data. CensusThing.com allows you the opportunity to truly understand the impact of the demographic shifts underway in Texas. The tools available here allow you to view both the 2000 Census data as well as data from the 2005-2009 American Community Survey. As the 2010 data is released at the Census Tract level, we will update with that data and begin introducing premium features that allow you to dive deeper into the wealth of Census data available.

For more advanced needs, our consulting business - Outreach Strategists - offers solutions to either customize mapping and data visualizations for your business, government agency, or non-profit group or work in consultation for finding data-driven solutions that go beyond the numbers.

Take It For a Spin

Select a county and demographic group you would like to analyze from the 2005-2009 American Community Survey data (an optional political district can be overlayed). In order to see where population concentrations exist, add cutoff points for the percentage of population within any census tract that you would like to highlight. CensusThing.com



Demographic Group:
Cutoff points:
(ie - 25 for '25%' or 12.5 for '12.5%')

Cutoff Points are the thresholds for where you want to see particular demographic elements show up on a map. Selecting "50", for instance, will show where a demographic element reaches 50% of a Census Tract or Block Group. As an example, if you enter the cutoff points of 50, 40, 30, you will see Census Tracts or Block Groups shaded to represent areas with 0-30%, 30-40%, 40-50%, and 50-100% population that matches your criteria.

Market Research

The 2010 Census provides a wealth of information about a given area. CensusThing.com can help identify where and how potential customers are living. Whether you need to track income levels, number of residents per household, ages, educational levels, and ethnic & racial make-up with precise measurements, CensusThing.com enables you to visualize areas of opportunity as well as pinpoint precise targets for your business.

Demographic Research

The 2010 Census data shows how people live, enabling you to see where and how populations are living. Finding a fit between the services or programs your company, non-profit, or government agency and residents in a particular area is another great use for data mapping and visualization. Demographic information can be used by program managers for everything from school lunch programs, to housing, to senior citizen services.


Redistricting goes beyond just congressional seats - it also determines representation in the Texas State Legislature, City Councils, County Commissioner Precincts, Community Colleges Boards, and School Boards. The 2010 Census will impact public entities that have single member districts. For the redistricting process CensusThing.com can show you an area's demographic make-up and growth patterns in as much detail as needed.